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With Suzanne Teng  

with Suzanne Teng

Suzanne Teng teaching a class of young children in one of her Childrens World Music Classes.


Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
After School Program at the New Mexico Academy of International Studies (formerly Santa Fe International Elementary School)
7300 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM  87505

New Program! Want your child to be a global citizen? In these, fun, educational and entertaining classes, your child will learn to play instruments from around the world such as African and Middle Eastern drums, Native American flute, Chinese zither, and more!  They will sing songs and chants from around the world and play in a world-music ensemble! 

Lots of hands on experience while learning music history, music theory and ethnomusicology (music and culture).


World Music for Kids (ages 4-7) - TUESDAYS 4-4:45pm  

World Music for Kids (ages 8-12) - TUESDAYS 4:45-5:30pm

FEE:  $175 for 10-class card, to be used from August 23 - Dec. 16 (Semester I, a 16 week period, allowing for missed classes for holidays, doctor's appointments...).  If you sign up after August 23rd, your 10 weeks card can be used in the second semester as well.)

Private and semi-private lessons (beginning piano, all levels classical flute or ethnic flutes) - Thursday afternoons, inquire for availability. $30/half hour (private), $20/half hour (2 per class)

TO REGISTER or for more information/time slot availability, please email suzteng@mysticjourney.net or leave message at (310)859-5846.

World Music Journey for Kids
World music circles • Drumming • Learn to play instruments from around the world • Folk songs and chants • Weekly group classes
This is a fun hands-on approach to playing music.  Each child will have the opportunity to play an array of instruments from around the world. I will guide their musical development in a non-pressured but educational manner allowing for each student in the group to discover his or her “voice” in a music circle.  Even the shyest ones will be soloing after a few classes!
The younger groups learn the basics to playing the instruments while focusing on playing music in a fun group setting. Each week we will learn simple rhythms, songs and musical concepts. Everyone is a beginner at some point, as the students get more experienced, they will assume different roles in the world music “band.” (i.e. holding down the rhythm, playing the flute solo…)
The older groups will learn selected rhythms and songs from around the world, such as an African chant, a Middle Eastern dance rhythm, or a Native American melody. They will also learn to improvise, solo and play in a world music band!

Kids at one of Suzanne Teng's World Music Classes for children.

Some of the instruments your child will learn to play:

    Simple flutes such as the Native American flute and pennywhistle. Flutes will be available for purchase at a reasonable price (optional).
    Drums from around the world such as frame drums, dumbek, small percussion instruments, gongs, wood blocks…
    Stringed instruments from around the world such as Chinese zither, Hawaiian Ukelele
    Other fun instruments such as harmonium, balaphone (African marimba), kalimba (African thumb piano), xylophones…
    If you have questions or would like to register your child, please call or email:
    Suzanne (310) 859-5846 suzteng@mysticjourney.net