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With Suzanne Teng  

with Suzanne Teng

Suzanne Teng teaching a class of young children in one of her Childrens World Music Classes.

A Musical Journey around the World

World Music Performances and Workshops for Schools, K-12 with Suzanne Teng and the world music ensemble Mystic Journey. ENTERTAINING, ENGAGING and EDUCATIONAL !!


suzanne teng and Mystic Journey performing at a children's assembly.

Assembly Performances:  Travel around the globe with these world-class musicians as they entertain and educate your students!   A true multi-cultural experience that exposes the students to many cultures in one assembly.  The program introduces students to numerous styles of music from around the world such as folk songs from China, wedding music from the Middle East, ceremonial music from the ancient Americas and tribal dance music from Africa.  Suzanne Teng (flutes/wind instruments/voice/percussion), Gilbert Levy (world percussion, balaphone, dulcimer, voice), Dann Torres (oud, guitar, sitar, percussion) and Barry Newton (string bass, percussion) introduce the students to a wide array of instruments, play pieces for them after describing the content and cultural background of the music, and involve the students in participatory chants and vocalizing and call-and-response exercises.


For larger assemblies, special guest performers are included, such as didgeridoo and vocal soloists and /or dancers.  The students will experience a musical journey that is engaging, entertaining and educational.  By being exposed to new sounds and sights, they will develop a natural interest in the world’s diverse population and cultures.


Suzanne Teng teaching chinese music in a children's music circle.

Workshops/Music Circles: Workshops offer a hands-on experience for smaller groups with Suzanne alone or with the larger group of musicians.  The students will learn songs and chants, hear music played on the instruments up close, and have the opportunity to play the instruments, including drums and percussion instruments, stringed instruments and some wind instruments from many cultures.


Residency: A residency involves return visits to the school on a weekly basis.  Each week will feature a new culture and it’s instruments and songs. 6-8 weeks is ideal.




“The hundreds of children and adults who attended this concert thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they experienced and celebrated the joyous rhythms of life.”

-         Richard J. Riordan, Mayor, City of Los Angeles


“This team of very gifted musicians captivated our students during two, forty-five minute assemblies.  The children not only heard beautiful music, but also learned about each of the instruments from around the world.  The students were mesmerized…and had so many question.  Many of the students commented that this was one of our best assemblies.  My staff also believes this was an excellent assembly and the two performers had a tremendous rapport with the children.  Children need to have positive musical experiences and this performance makes music come alive!

-         Wendy Sparks, Principal, Coyote Creek Elementary School


“…enchanted the children and their parents.  The perfectly balanced program, showcasing pieces from around the world’s cultures was a tailor-made match for our audience. “

-         Judy Neveau, Community Relations, Santa Monica College


“…truly entertaining and mesmerizing… the way you introduced them to so many musical styles and instruments from around the world and educated them in such an enjoyable and exciting way.  Your performance was a great success.”

-         Dale Franzen, Madison Theater, Santa Monica College


“Your presentation of ethnic flutes and drums to our campers and staff was extremely entertaining and informative.  I was also very impressed with the attention you commanded from 150 teenagers and the way you are able to manage the group.”

-         Kathy Dwyer, Managing Director, Cazadero Performing Arts Camp




Contact for details and bookings:

Suzanne Teng
(310) 859-5846
P.O. Box 1204
Topanga, CA  90290

Email: suzanne@mysticjourney.net

Fees Available upon Request. Discounts available for multiple bookings.

These programs meet the Contents Standards for California Public Schools.

Suzanne is a member of the Los Angeles County Art Education Resource Directory:  for program details click HERE.