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Suzanne Teng playing the ney

Suzanne Teng has a master’s degree in flute performance from Boston University and completed the Ph.D. coursework in Ethnomusicology at UCLA. She has been a professional performer, recording artist and music educator for over 25 years.

She has been the Music Director and world music instructor at New Roads School in Santa Monica (middle school and high school), the music teacher at Topanga Elementary School where she presented weekly workshops to every grade on music from around the world, and a music teacher at many music camps such as Lark in the Morning (world music for adults) and Meadowood Music Camp (Cazadero Music Camp). She has maintained a private flute studio for over 30 years and has taught many hundreds of students during her career.

She currently presents world music workshops, flute clinics and performances for adults and children at colleges, schools, music camps and retreats around the country.

With a special knowledge of both Western classical as well as folk and classical music from many parts of the world, Suzanne offers a special insight into a large variety of musical instruments and styles.

She plays over 100 different instruments from around the world and is the co-director of the award-winning world music ensemble “Suzanne Teng & Mystic Journey” that performs worldwide with her partner, Gilbert Levy, an accomplished world percussionist who plays drum set as well as drums from India, Iran, Africa, and the Middle East. Their Mystic Journey band mates are Dann Torres (oud, guitar, saz, sitar), Barry Newton (bass), Jon Ossman (bass, dilruba), and Andrew Werderitsch (digeridu).

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